May 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Sweetheart!

On the 28th anniversary of our marriage, I once again renew my promise to love you for all of this life.
I promise to continue striving to conform my beliefs to God's truth, gaining control of my outlook, emotions and happiness. I take sole responsibility for my beliefs, with the understanding that they, not you, determine my emotions, expectations and actions. Thus, I lift from you the burden of being responsible for me.
I promise to be filled by God. I will keep Him in my heart as my source of joy and love. I will strive to conform to His image and follow all His commands, especially the one to love you and care for you all the days of my life.
I promise to look for God's best in every trial. I will call on the power of Christ to expose my weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Whatever difficulty comes our way, from within or without, I will trust Him to work it for our good, conforming us to His image. No difficulty will destroy my love for you.
I promise to become a better lover, cherishing our intimacy of body, mind and soul, giving myself to you as no one else can. I will keep myself only unto you and give myself more unto you!
I promise to listen more and chatter less, taking into consideration your opinions, feelings, needs and beliefs. I will be open with you in communicating my heart and will consider your feelings and needs as I do so.
I promise to joyfully serve you all the rest of my life. I will fight my tendencies towards selfishness, and focus on keeping you, your needs and your goals before me. As your helpmate, I will serve you willingly and wholeheartedly, remembering that God created me for you, to help you fulfill His call on your life.
I will, with all sincerity, work at loving you better than I have these first 28 years. May God grant us another 28! ~~My heart is yours.