May 25, 2008

Lessons from my marriage

I still love hearing my husband speak my name...although he prefers "Sweetie."
Leaning is a good thing; so is laughing. Wanting my husband reassures him.

Praying together before bed is a good thing.
Praying on our knees beside our bed is even better.
True intimacy takes time, over a period of time.
My husband can see my adoration or contempt or indifference in my eyes.
Verbalizing my frustration is more mature than slamming pots and pans, or doors!
Being reconciled is more important than being right.
We can reconcile our relationship even if we can't resolve the issue.
Having my husband order for me in a restaurant is one of life's sweetest luxuries.
It is possible to faithfully love just one man for a lifetime.
Being married makes me happy.