June 18, 2008

Lessons from my aging father

Independence is more important than safety.
Aging with grace and humility takes more courage than most of the rest of life.
"I don't need help," means "I don't need help."
Reminiscing is good for the soul.
The losses of old age are exceedingly painful and permanent for this life...
But this life is not permanent.
We reap what we sow.
We don't know what we've got 'til it's gone.
The elderly, especially those widowed, need hugs.
Being hard of hearing is not a choice made to irritate others.
If I live long enough, someday I too shall be old.
Cherish today.

Lessons from shopping

Whoever said: "money can't buy happiness," didn't know where to shop!
Hunting and gathering are ancient traditions; now we call them shopping.
Everyone likes to own something new.
Little treasures bring as much pleasure as big ones.
Georgio Armani wears well second-hand.
I love to eat with my girlfriends, but prefer shopping alone.
Not buying ANYthing for a week is a good thing.

Re: my husband and shopping:
I honor my husband by not over-spending.
I also honor him by being grateful for his gifts, offering repeatd thanks, and never returning or exchanging them.
He appreciates me shopping FOR him, when I remember his sizes and tastes, and give him total freedom to have me return or exchange what he doesn't want.

Lessons from my girlfriends

Calling Laura from the Atlantic...

Girlfriends meet needs my husband can't.
My girlfriends make me happy, filling my life with the gifts of good conversations, laughter, prayers, tears and memories.
Good conversation gets better with good food.
Laughter IS good medicine.
Age is not a barrier to friendship: my closest girlfriend is 22 years younger than I am, and I have good friends who are 22 years older!
I have more to offer now than I did a decade ago, because I've grown up!
Being interested in my girlfriends is more important than being "interesting."
Each of my girlfriends is part of the beautiful tapestry that is my life.
As we have served each other and served others, our own relationships have deepened.
We are strong when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder; speak to--not about; praise one another to others; complement, rather than compete or covet.
I am rich, indeed, because of these wonderful women.