July 10, 2008

Lessons from raising sons

No season lasts forever.
Little boys need their father. Big boys do too.
Loving their father was one of my greatest gifts to them.

Generally speaking, boys make more noise than girls.
Generalities have lots of exceptions.
No two children are alike.

We weren't raising boys; we were raising men.

Dirt, sand and books are good for a boy's soul; TV is not.
Computers are a landmine.
Reading to my sons and teaching them to read was sheer delight.
Buying G.A. Henty's historical novels in hardback was worth every penny.

Little boys like to sleep with their pets.
An outside dog is easier than an inside dog.
But an inside/outside dog is more fun.
They both bark.
Rabbits don't bark and are therefore great pets.
Where there is life, there is poop.

Letting go is a gradual process.

Only God can change a heart.
Every weakness has a flipside strength; every strength: a flipside weakness.
The saying: "Be aware of your weakness; but build on your strength," is a good one.
My sons indeed, caught more than they were taught.
When a child throws a fit, it's good if mommy doesn't.
The appeal process works.... sometimes.
Saying "I'm so sorry; will you forgive me?" to my sons doesn't cause them to lose respect.

Parenting is heartbreaking and humbling..... magical and maddening.

Exhaustion made me doubt my sanity.
Sometimes sleep matters more than ANYthing.

Parenting is the most spectacular and satisfying of undertakings.

There's a work only God can do in my sons. (I'm repeating myself.)
Praying is therefore more important than reading books on prayer or talking with my friends about my sons. I need to talk to God more, and my friends less.
My sons are my sons for a short while on this earth.
They are my brothers in Christ for all eternity.

Loving my sons imperfectly is perfectly acceptable.

Making decisions by faith carries with it an umbrella of protection.
Homeschooling allowed us to protect their innocence and love of learning.
Sending them to school allowed them to fight their own battles and grow up.
God protects little ones and big ones.
Every day, children need someone/something to love; something to think about; something to do.

No 16 year old should be behind the wheel of a $20,000 van.
No 16 year old boy should be allowed to be alone with a girl.
God answers prayer and protects 16 year olds.

My task of raising them is over, but my friendship and prayers will always be needed.

What goes around, comes around: and their turn is coming!