September 16, 2008

Lessons from transitions....

Transitions are uncomfortable to say the least.
The uncertainties make me edgy.... a bit irritable.... downright crabby. I like routine and constancy, not change and disruption. I like lots of space, both physical and emotional. I like quiet and things "working out." I don't like the unexpected; I like to accurately anticipate what's coming next and be well-prepared for it. I am not in the least bit flexible. When those I love are facing challenging life transitions, I find myself empathizing by getting restless myself: I clean more and eat more and shop more... trying, I suppose, to bring order and comfort to my own life. And so this latest family transition resulted in cleaner bathrooms, an added pound or two, and new treasures in my closet. (My coping mechanisms come with their own liabilities.) So, here's to future transitions and times of uncertainty: I want to learn from them and prosper, not just survive. And I want to anticipate them with an open mind and heart, welcoming them for the lessons they bring and the growth that results.