November 06, 2008

Thoughts on the election....

Deep sigh.... the arduous process of electing our next president is finally over. Another even deeper sigh.... What I suspected was going to happen, did happen, and I'm left with sadness and a bit of bewilderment that our nation elected someone who is so clearly enamored with socialist ideas and scary friends.... someone who does not regard the sanctity of unborn human life.... someone who's voting record leaves no doubt as to his belief system and agenda. Unfortunately, our slide toward socialism is inevitable, as proven by this election. I truly believe the natural progression of any society is toward socialism, because man is at his core selfish, greedy and lazy. Socialism appeals to and preys upon our basest natures.

In watching the whole process, this is what I have learned:
A democratic republic is not a sacred form of government.
Our founding fathers' ideas and our constitution also are not sacred.
In fact, freedom is not sacred, nor should it be our god.
Just because we can choose who governs us, does not mean we will choose wisely.
Those who are not governed by wisdom will be governed by their own folly.
And finally, when I listen too often and too long to the media, I lose perspective.

Reading the Scriptures restores my perspective.
In chapter 4 of the book of Daniel, three times this statement appears: "...God rules the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will..." And so, the course our nation has chosen is still somehow under the sovereign control of the One who governs the universe. Therein lies my consolation. And my hope for the future is certainly not in men or in our form of government, or in our nation, but in the God who promises eternal freedom for those who will choose to be governed by Him.

Ultimately, "all kings shall fall down before Him: all nations shall serve Him." (Psalm 72:11) Another sigh.... this one of gratitude and confidence.