November 02, 2010

The Sufficiency of God

Recently, one of our small groups studied God's sufficiency. Starting with Psalm 90:2, I learned that God has been "from everlasting to everlasting." God existed from before time and space, when there was nothing else in existence. He needs nothing to sustain Himself; He is truly self-sufficient, having within His own being all that He needs. Everything He created is dependent upon Him for its very existence. God graciously extends His sufficiency to His creation, sustaining and redeeming it.

We exist only because He allows us to. I cannot sustain my own life, cause my heart to beat, my brain to function, my eyes to see, or my ears to hear. My lungs do not breathe at my command, nor do I walk or talk simply because I choose to do so. I am dependent upon my Creator for all of these basic functions. All that I think is in my power, is really just on loan from the Only One who truly has power over life and death. Not only can I not sustain my life, I cannot redeem my soul; I cannot know God apart from His revelation; nor can I raise myself from the dead.

But, GOD CAN! He is sufficient. He is enough. Here's my short list:

His life is sufficient to give me life.

His love is sufficient to claim me.

His blood is sufficient to wash my sins.

His power is sufficient to keep my soul.

His spirit is sufficient to comfort and teach me.

His strength is sufficient to empower me.

His grace is sufficient to transform my weaknesses.

His comfort is sufficient to redeem my losses.

His resurrection is sufficient to raise me from the dead.

And so, this little summary is not sufficient to describe God's sufficiency! It is merely a glimpse into what I am learning... and I stand in awe of who He is.... my God, the all-sufficient One.