July 28, 2012

Trusting the Lord

I’ve experienced a couple of seasons of life, in which I had difficulty trusting the Lord… and have concluded that my difficulty was not with His trustworthiness, but with my own lack of understanding.
Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing; and hearing by the Word of God.” Our initial faith in Christ comes by hearing the Word of God. Our continued growth in faith comes the same way. Exposure to God’s Word is what transforms us; it is what grows our faith.
When we don’t know Him well, we don’t trust him well. Psalm 9:10 says that those who know His name will put their trust in Him; for He does not forsake those who seek Him. When I’m struggling to trust, I need to know Him better. To know Him is to trust Him.
If I’m not filling my mind with Scripture – daily meditating on His Word, thinking His thoughts…. Then, of course I’m going to have difficulty trusting Him. It will be a consequence of my lack of discipline, my lack of hunger for Him.
Trust in any relationship is built over time, as we get to know that person. I know my husband. I have experienced him. He has proven trustworthy, and so I believe his words to me. I believed his words to me 32 years ago, when he promised to love me for all of this life. But now I have experienced his love and faithfulness for over 3 decades.
And so it is with God. We enter into a covenant relationship with Him when we first believe. And unlike marriage, He is the perfect lover of our souls… our relationship with him is for all eternity, not just this life… and His faithfulness “reaches to the skies.” It “endures forever.” Experiencing His love and faithfulness, as we walk by faith, not sight, allows us to say with certainty, "There is none more trustworthy."