February 03, 2015

Prayers for My Grandchildren

We now have two precious grandchildren.  Praying for them is one of the most significant investments I can make in their little lives.  My desire is "that they might set their hope in God, and not forget His works..."  (Psalm 78:7)

I've discovered the joy of praying "head-to-toe."   It keeps me focused, and I love the simplicity of praying this way.  Because I don't use an exact list, I can pray anywhere and anytime for them.  I just start at the top and work my way down, covering their entire bodies with prayers.  I pray while rocking them to sleep.  I pray while driving. I pray while playing with them (sometimes). I pray while doing housework.  I pray while just praying.  Since they are on my mind so often throughout the day, whether I'm with them or not, turning these loving thoughts into petitions to the Lord on their behalf, seems a very sensible thing to do.  :-)   

Below is the gist of what I pray for them, but it changes virtually every time I pray.  As the Lord brings new thoughts to mind, those are what I pray, while sticking to my "head-to-toe" approach.  

Head ~ Lord, would you help their parents fill their minds with truth at this early age.  Please give them a hunger for truth and a strong desire to think about what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy.  Protect them from concussions or any other injury or disease of their brains. 

Eyes ~ Give them eyes to see beyond themselves, noticing the needs of others, and eventually seeing all of life from Your perspective.  Protect them from seeing scary or downright evil images.

Ears ~  Lord, please protect them from hearing words that mock Your name.  Protect them from music that destroys the spirit.  May they hear loving words between their parents and toward them. Enable them to hear Your voice early, know and obey it.  Give them listening, compassionate and discerning ears that hear the hurts of others. 

Mouth ~ May their mouths praise You.  Give them mouths that speak kindly and respectfully to others... mouths that speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.  

Shoulders ~ May their shoulders be broad and strong to carry the burdens of others.  

Arms ~ May their arms reach out to others - embracing and caring. 

Hands ~ Lord, please motivate them to do good work - to care for and serve others.  May theirs be creative hands, hardworking hands, gentle hands. 

Heart ~ Lord, give them hearts that hunger for You... hearts that respond early to Your love... hearts that want to obey You... hearts that hunger for Your Word. 

Internal Organs ~ Lord, please protect all their internal organs from disease or injury.  Please give them strong immune systems. 

Private Parts ~ Lord, protect these dear ones from anyone who would intend harm.  Keep them safe.  Give them a desire to maintain purity and protect the priceless gift that is intimacy with their future mates. 

Legs ~ May their legs be strong for the journey - and may they run the race for a lifetime.  

Feet ~ Lord, may they have feet to follow You, walk with You and go where You want them to go, in service to others. 

These are my humble petitions on behalf of my most precious grandchildren.