May 15, 2015

My heart stands in awe...

"My heart stands in awe of thy Word."  The psalmist wrote this phrase in Psalm 119, verse 161.  Psalm 119 is the longest psalm as well as the longest chapter in the Bible.  The psalmist referred to God's Word over 160 times.  His life was changed because of the power of God's Word.  God's words, just like ours, are a reflection of who He is.  But unlike our words, His are eternal, always pure, always true, always life-giving.

As I studied Psalm 119 this morning, I took note of what God's Word is and what it does...  And I was amazed by the writer's response.  His heart stood in awe of God's Word.  He also repeated a number of times how much he loved God's Word.  The writer even used the word "exceedingly" to describe his love. He found life and joy, hope and comfort, strength and protection, wisdom and guidance in the Word.  He found it "wondrous."  He declared it better than great wealth and sweeter than honey to his taste.

If God could speak the world into existence, it only makes sense that His powerful words can transform an individual person's life. This book, this Bible, has changed my life.  Through its words, I found life in Jesus. I continue to find life, joy, hope, comfort, strength, protection, wisdom and guidance.

On August 17, 2007, I wrote in my journal:  "I am thankful for the living Word and its uncanny, supernatural power to give life where there's death, peace where there was turmoil, hope where despair reigned, and clarity of thought where there was confusion."  No other book has ever done this for me.  

And that is why my heart stands in awe of God's Word.