June 29, 2015

Prayer for our son and his precious family….

Heavenly Father, my heart is overflowing with joy and love for our precious grandchildren.  Thank you for giving life to our dear ones’ love ~ thank you for blessing their marriage with two beautiful, healthy children. 

Please continue to give them strength to face the challenges of meeting their needs.  Their hands are full, with just 18 months between them, and another on the way… feeding, changing, washing, rocking, playing… everything that needs to be done and then done again.  All the laundry… the meals, the cleanup… and the nights of sleep-training that don’t go so well.   I’m so grateful for their mama’s steady and sacrificial love for them, pushing through the fog of sleep deprivation, pacing herself, loving them more than her own comfort. 

Please give them continued wisdom in leading these little ones.  They are trusting You with them ~ living by Your principles ~ striving to honor You in their loving discipline.  Would you honor their work, and give their children hearts to obey.  And give our grands happy memories of being loved: laughter and hugs and books and parks and meals and games…. security, happiness, confidence….  all the things that make a childhood memorable and blessed. 

Lord, please love our grands through us.  May we be an extension of mama and daddy’s love… two more sets of arms that hug and protect; two more voices that echo their parent’s affection; two more hearts that overflow with joy in who they are.  Let our love reflect Yours for them. 

Help us to be the steady support our son and daughter-in-law need, not interfering, but always standing with them.  May they never doubt our appreciation for and admiration of them.  And may they continue to grow closer to You and to one another, in love and respect.  Enable  our son to lead well, and give grace to our lovely daughter-in-law  to follow well, as they both trust You to guide and provide.