July 09, 2008

"For My Son"

My task of raising him is over,
But my prayers will never cease.
As long as I am living,
I'll be on my knees!

So while my work is not yet done,
There's a work only You can do!
When he's tired, lonely, proud or scared,
Let him turn to You.

When my prayers are more tears than words,
And those tears fall like rain,
Draw my mother's heart to You,
Let my sacrifice be his gain.

And when the storm within his soul
Threatens to engulf him,
Calm the waters; give him courage;
Help him turn to You from sin.

Give him vision; give him wisdom
Until his journey is done.
Grant him joy in how You've made him!
This - my prayer, for my dear son.

~~originally written Dec 4, 2004~~