April 06, 2009


Today I sat with my friend who was grieving.... not an actual death, but the death of a relationship. Her tears were precious, her anger: reasonable, and her pain: tangible. My heart hurt, but hers was broken. Her faith in another human being: shattered. It happened so quickly. How can a friendship that is more than a friendship, be destroyed in a matter of hours? Yes, she gave her heart too quickly, trusted too implicitly, but how many of us have not done the same? And so, we shared tears and words, comfort and prayer.... and she left to go back to her world. Life goes on. The sun shone this morning, proving the end of the world had not come. The end of her world has not come. She will be ok; in fact, she will be fine. Her family and girlfriends will be more important to her now, as she leans into the pain that will come and go, and her heart heals. She will be up and down: fine one day, but not the next.... and then one day, there will simply be no more pain, tears, or anger. Maybe she will find true love before that happens; maybe after. But she will love again, of that I am certain. And the man she loves will treasure her heart, not break it.