January 02, 2012

If Only You Knew

"Give me a drink," the Man said.
"If only you knew...
If only you knew why I came here today -
I came just for you."

She did not know,
and her eyes could not see
beyond what she thought
was her immediate need.

But as they spoke, her heart was stirred,
and her thirst grew
for the One who knew
where she'd been...what she'd done.

She was tired. She was weary...
drinking from wells that were dry;
broken wells that made promises
but only lied.

"I am the fountain of living water."
He said this a long time ago.
"You're thirsty for me.
This is what I want you to know."

And then...she knew!
She believed, and she drank;
and a fountain of living water sprang within her.
His promise was true!

Others would drink,
but her well would not run dry;
for the Man who was thirsty,
was Himself the Water of Life.