December 14, 2012


Just over a month ago, I became a grandmother - a Nana!! New title. New experience. New joy.

Watching my son with his daughter has brought me a sense of wonder at the man he has become. I had no doubt he and his lovely wife would be good parents, but I am honestly blown away by their love for this little creature. And I am blown away by my own deep sense of connection to her.

I love everything about being a grandmother. One friend told me I "glowed" when talking about her. I have found myself telling complete strangers that I have a granddaughter! And I've actually shown a photo of her, when asked for my picture ID.

 Last night, her grand papa and I babysat, while her mommy and daddy had dinner out. As I fed her... sang, changed, comforted, kissed and rocked her, my heart overflowed with memories of our own sons at her age (without the fog of sleep deprivation). While mothering is such a mix of joy and sorrow, grandparenting is pure joy.

Having her grasp my little finger and hold on tight... staring into one another's eyes, as we rocked in the semi-darkness of her room... listening to her breathing and feeling her warmth... these precious, perfect moments are a great treasure to me.

No matter what the future holds, I will cherish the joy of these early weeks with our first grandchild... my first experience being Nana.